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Roof Assessments

This important step is used to determine the condition of the roof and identify current or potential problems.  The first step starts with an interview with the owner or representative to get a history of any roof problems, its age and type of roof system. The building is then checked inside for any evidence of leaks. The final step is a field investigation to examine the entire roof. 


This process, by the way, ensures that manufacturer warranties requirements (where applicable) are met through bi-annual inspections.


The RMS Assessment Program includes everything associated with the roof surface:

  • Examine curbs, flashing, seams and coping
  • Manufacturer defects
  • Inspect down spouts for water obstructions
  • Evidence of standing water
  • Evidence of water intrusion
  • Any roof penetrations or damage
  • Evidence of roof vegetation of debris such as branches, trash, etc.
  • Damage caused by rodents, insects, birds, and possible acts of vandalism


The information is then documented, including photographs, with a sketch showing locations of any problem areas along with recommendations.



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