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Our Approach

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 RMS Orlando, Inc. offers a proven strategic 4-step approach to creating solutions for our Clients.



Envision --> Analyze --> Define --> Implement



1.   Envision: The first step is listening to you, the Client, to understand and envision  what your issues are and what the ultimate end result is that you need to accomplish.  And not just from a roofing perspective, but to understand and integrate your business objective(s) and impacts within the solution.

 2.   Analyze: Once we clearly understand the Client's vision and business objectives, we then analyze the technical issues from multiple dimensions, creating as many early  options as possible. During the analysis process we will formulate a preliminary picture of what a solution could entail.

 3.  Define: The definition stage is where the Client's vision, issues, objectives and our analysis are fused together to formulate program design options. RMS Orlando, Inc. will create and provide a detailed written scope of work and  cost to implement the  solution.

 4.  Implement: In traditional processes, the implementation stage is where we both dive in head first and commit to each other to the bitter end. However, our experience has taught us that testing the waters together one toe at a time is usually a better  option. We like to call it a "Pilot" program, creating a proof-of-concept through baby steps, small successes if you will. Once a success model is established, then, together  we can decide if our model is scalable and whether or not we should proceed forward  full throttle.

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