RMS Orlando, Inc. is always state-of-the-art, guaranteeing the highest standards in the quality of our work performance. Our team will support you and your project from the consultation phase right through to its completion - on time, professionally and at a reasonable price.


We can help you out in the following areas

 New Construction Roof

Whether it be a new metal deck, structural concrete deck or wood deck building, we can furnish and install new building roofs in conjunction with your firm

 Roof Recover/Retrofit

Depending on the current condition of your existing roof and insulation, a complete roof tear off is sometimes not needed. Instead We can put new membrane over your old, with a separator sheet, and be eligible for a 20 Year NDL Warranty and meets Florida Building Code.

Roof Tearoff 

In the event a complete roof tear off is required, we have all the necessary resources to provide you a quote to remove existing roof down to the decking, repair any bad decking found and install a new warranted roof.

Roof Inspections and Assessments

If you are property manager, real estate broker, or even current owner or buyer, we can provide you a roof analysis with report and pictures of the current conditions of the roof, recommended maintenance and life of the roof left.

Professional Roof Pressure Washing 

We provide full roof cleaning services. It is a fact that keeping your roof cleaning greatly improves the roof systems life.

Roof Coatings

Metal roofs, Modified Bitumen Roof, Single ply roof, EPDM or Rubber Roofs, old roofs, We can provide a more cost effective method to extend the life of your roof,

Gutters and Downspouts

Whether it be residential or commercial, we can furnish and install all types of gutters and downspouts.

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